June 23, 2009

Sweet Dreams Bedding

My fella and I bought our first house this past fall. It’s a wee semi-detached in the east end of Toronto. We love our neighbourhood and street, but I think I can say without bias that our loveable little abode is still very solidly in its ugly duckling stage. Most of our decorating budget (sniff, sniff) is going into: all the stuff you can’t see (wiring), have to buy but don’t want to (like a dehumidifier), or is urgently necessary (a new roof) — this one really hurt.

Kajsa Blad by Ikea

I have discovered that treating myself to some small decorating hits helps to keep me from focusing too hard on all the “wow, that’s so ugly” bits of my house (swirly pink laminate kitchen countertops, anyone?). My recent retail therapy hit is this awesome 100% cotton Kajsa Blad duvet cover and pillowcase set, $25 (for Queen size) new from Ikea. $25 — seriously, how could I say no? After pulling the set on my bed, I stepped back, and squinted really hard at my bedroom walls (in desperate need of a coat of paint). I know someday these linens will look fantastic against a natural linen headboard (like in the picture below) and dark wall colour (maybe something like Iron Mountain (2134-30) by Benjamin Moore). Until then, (sigh), at least I have a pretty place to lay my head.

Photo credits:
Sarah Hartill
Ikea Kajsa Blad