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June 22, 2012

Tall Tub Faucets

It’s the middle of June, but here in the edit department, we’re working on finishing the September issue, as well as a special issue focusing solely on kitchens and baths, which hits newsstands August 13th. It’s fun to look at all of the new appliances, fixtures and hardware on the market. There’s always new technologies, trends and ideas. Recently, I became instantly attracted to one such trend in fixtures that is gaining momentum and variety — floor-mounted tub faucets.

When space is permitted, it’s always a beautiful option to go for a freestanding tub when you’re planning a reno or designing a new space. However, in addition to the tub, you also have to consider how it will be filled. There are a few options, but my favourite is a floor-mounted faucet. They add a gorgeous sculptural element to any bathroom. And with so many on the market, there’s one for every design style.

These versions from Axor (left) and Lefroy Brooks (right) are on the more traditional side. I love the curved, old world feel of the shower handle and knobs. Of course you have to carefully consider the style of the surrounding bathroom before selecting the right faucet.

The Volare from Aquabrass (left) and Axor Massaud from Hansgrohe (right) are modern enough for a sleek and simple tub, and severe angles set them apart from the rest.

Here are two more on the modern end of the spectrum. The Axor Citterio from Hansgrohe (left) and the Allure from Grohe (right).

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