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As much as I love my Ikea Expedit bookshelf, I’m always looking for new ways to display and store my various objects. I’m feeling short of inspiration lately because we’re in between seasons in the magazine world right now — past the holiday season but not quite into spring yet. I’ve been digging for ideas that are both completely within reach (DIY style) but that also make it onto my never-ending wish list.

Photo Blog November 1 Art Of Display Bookshelf

Let’s start off with the wish list item. This bookshelf doesn’t even have a price listed on the website — you can imagine that it’ll cost a pretty penny — but it looks like a statement piece definitely worth investing in. The storage possibilities are endless!

Photo Blog November 1 Art Of Display Books

Now on to more realistic options. Do you have so many books that you don’t know what to do with them? Why not stack them and place a square piece of glass or mirror on top to create a stylish side table?

Photo Blog November 1 Art Of Display Photos

Or, maybe you have too many photographs and are stumped on how to display them? Take a cue from this shot and arrange the photos in one giant frame for big impact in any space.

Photo Blog November 1 Art Of Display Magazines

I saw this idea and thought it was too fun to pass by. If the usual collection of tear sheets pinned up on a bulletin board doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, why not display your inspirational decor images in a different way by arranging them in the shape of house (or whatever shape your creative heart desires)? Sometimes seeing things a little differently really brings out the bigger picture.

For more display ideas, check out Suzanne Dimma’s Inspiration Boards As Art blog post, or Kimberley Brown’s Stunning Bookshelves blog post.

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