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Photo Blog February 10 Art Wall Office

Don’t get me wrong, I do love an art wall — I think. Who wouldn’t love the one seen above, captured by Cape Town photographer Jac de Villiers, for instance? I started one in my little basement reno —with about six framed pieces so far— and another one in my dining room. That one is coming together slowly, with only two pieces so far. So, hardly a wall’s worth. But as I sift through ideas on what to hang, what to frame, how to frame it, and what I should buy from, I realized: maybe I am a little over it.

Photo Blog February 10 Art Wall Floor

Then I saw this little idea in a shot by Philadelphia-based photographer Trevor Dixon. Basically, it shows the combination of two ideas: the casual “art on the floor” concept with something more planned out. I thought this was a brilliant marriage of arranged and loose.

By creating shelves on brackets just above the baseboard, you can get art off of the floor, while still having a place to arrange it in an interesting way. Gone is the ubiquitous floating shelf we are all so accustomed to. Also, gone is the art wall that really only looks good once you are finished (if my half-finished art walls are any indicator).

Further, this challenges the idea that every frame has to frame something. This type of arrangement gives you the opportunity to just put a beautiful frame into the mix as a background objet until you have something to fill it, and slowly build your collection until you have enough to fill a wall. Perfect for someone like me who doesn’t just want to buy for the sake of filling a space. What I have bought myself is some time to slowly collect.

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Photo credits:
1. Photography by Jac de Villiers
2. Trevor Dixon Homes & Interiors

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