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Photo Trailer RV

I recently discovered Pinterest, a social media-type tool for creating and sharing ‘pinboards’ — kind of like Twitter, but in images. It’s quite addictive, and it seems like there is no end to the reams of beautiful pictures on people’s virtual inspiration boards. I was snooping through someone’s Southwestern gallery the other day (and apologies because I don’t remember who), and couldn’t get over the beautiful and grainy images of buffalo, Willie Nelson and feathers. It is my firm belief that the new Bohemian style will have a Western influence, so it was inspiring to see a curated series of stunning images that support my theory.

Photo Yurt

El Cosmico, a sort-of hotel/campground in Texas, is a good example of this modern-retro-hippie chic. Along the lines of the Drake hotel in downtown Toronto, it is intended to foster a relaxed community of artistic and intellectual exchange in a creative and sustainable space. Unlike the Drake, it is situated on a large plot of land and you rent vintage trailers or yurts (shown at top and above), teepees or tents for accommodation. If my future holds another epic road trip to Texas, this is where I want to stay. It fits right in with the ‘glamping’ trend, too.

Photo Erin Wasson Bedroom

If there is a supermodel that sums up this look, it’s Erin Wasson (above). A Texas-born natural beauty, and best friend and muse to fashion designer Alexander Wang, her apartment has an enviable casual coolness. I love the uncluttered, clean look of this bedroom. The scarf over the lampshade, horse print and feathers on an arrow are a hot way to add character.

Photo Art Wall Erin Wasson

I also love her art wall for its mix of casually pinned prints and photos, properly framed art pieces and personal odds and ends that obviously have a story behind them (either that or they are proof she’s a fantastic stylist, too). I never bring back souvenirs, so on my next journey I’m going to try and keep some mementoes so one day I can have a collection like this!

Photo Erin Wasson Living Room

Another shot of her apartment, with more cool objects on the table and one of the classic, deep-pile vintage Moroccan rugs I’ve wanted for a while.

Photo Butterfly Chair

Another classic that would work with the look is a butterfly chair in leather, like this one from Urban Outfitters

Photo Moroccan Rugs

Pendleton’s pure virgin wool blankets — woven by the family-owned and run Pendleton Woolen Mills for almost 100 years — are a more affordable, hipster version of the Hermès horse blanket. (Above, from left to right, are the Chief Joseph and Harding styles, based on traditional Native American designs.) You can find them in select stores, or order online.

Photo Railway Spike Bottle Opener

A reclaimed railway spike fashioned into a bottle opener is both functional and a great find to leave on display.

Photo El Cosmico Poster

I’ve been into posters as art lately, and you can still buy this 2009 festival poster from El Cosmico’s online store. I don’t know much about this festival but if it’s about “music and love” how could you go wrong? As for framing, check out Stacey Smithers’ great tips for framing art on a budget

Since I am a horrible collector of things, I’m not sure this trend will make its way into my apartment (much as I would love it to), but at least the memories of a trip always prove to be useful!

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