Thrice As Nice

In the July issue of House & Home, we spotlight the dramatic look of triptych artwork as this month’s Gotta Have It. The power of three is well documented: in Chinese culture it’s considered lucky because it sounds like the word for “alive”, there are three notes in a basic music chord, there are holy trinities in religions both east and west, it was the number on the back of Babe Ruth’s New York Yankees jersey, and apparently the third time’s a charm. In decorating, a trio of items is often most beautiful, and triptych artwork is a prime example. We spotlight the blue and white octopus print by Natural Curiosities, as it’s perfect for summer’s beachy vibe, but there are lots of great choices out there in a wide range of styles.

Go for equestrian chic with a handsome horsey print. Play up the theme by pairing it with Hermes orange. The effect is both fashionable and timeless.

The sets for AMC’s Mad Men have raised the bar for small screen style. The show is also praised for being historically accurate. This retro giraffe triptych in Pete and Trudy’s home prove the look (and warm orange palette) transcends trends.

The Hamptons home of Hollywood sweetheart and cookbook author Gwyneth Paltrow proves her good taste extends well beyond the kitchen. A trio of striking photographs over her living room fireplace eliminates the need to add anything more to the mantel.

Similarly, in NHL star Gary Roberts’ living room, an abstract triptych by Marian Wihak turns a 20-foot-long wall into a dramatic focal point.

Vancouver artist and photographer Heather Ross also owns the South Granville shop Heather Ross In House, where this serene triptych (painted by Heather) was snapped. It would look great standing in for a headboard in a bedroom.

Here’s a similar look.

Even in a busy setting, a trio of art commands attention.

For more display ideas, check out our DIY Art section.

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