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Oh TIFF, with your ruby red carpets and glittering stars, just give me one or two films with sets that wow.

Photo Blog September 16 TIFF Movie Sets

I’m still swooning over last year’s I Am Love, which won me over with Tilda Swinton pitch perfect in Jil Sander and Fendi, and a beautiful Italian home that quietly dazzled with generations of well-bred style.

Photo Blog September 16 TIFF Movie Sets YSL

This year, I have my eye on L’Amour Fou by director Pierre Thoretton. It looks at the rise of couturier Yves Saint Laurent (above) and culminates in what was called Paris’ “Sale of the Century,” when all of the art and objects YSL and his partner, Pierre Bergé, collected over the years were auctioned off in early 2009 after YSL’s death.

Photo Blog September 16 TIFF Movie Sets YSL

Long before The Selby came along, the home and collections of these two visionaries became, as Cocteau reportedly put it, their self-portrait. As YSL himself told Architectural Digest in 1976, “There is a theme and a continuity to my collections. Of course, there are always fantasies, but it is the base that counts.”

Photo Blog September 16 TIFF Movie Sets YSL Books Dress

The crossover between home and work will undoubtedly unfold. (Can you spot the painting in YSL’s Paris apartment that likely inspired his Mondrian dress?)

Photo Blog September 16 TIFF Movie Sets YSL Office Salon

And then there’s the sheer, jaw-dropping, peek-behind-the-curtain appeal of this story. Above is YSL’s opulent private office. Below he stands with his two muses, Betty Catroux and Loulou de la Falaise, in 1969.

Photo Blog September 16 TIFF Movie Sets YSL Models

The film screens on Friday September 17th and Sunday September 19th, but if you can’t make it, check out this story by Architectural Digest, which shows annotated images of some of the pieces that were sold at the Christie’s auction. Oh, to have snagged the Eileen Gray chairs for a mere $28,238,277.

P.S. What are some of your favourite stylish films?

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