Decorating & Design

March 11, 2009

Top Trends

In my home, I like to incorporate trend pieces to create my own eclectic look. But before I invest in something new, I follow these rules.

Look for long-term love

Before you commit to a new look, ask yourself, “Am I still going to love this 10 years from now?” A style savvy friend of mine told me this once and I live by these words for every purchase.

Channel your inner stylista

If you don’t trust your own taste, choose a person whose style you admire and ask yourself; “Is this something that (insert tasteful person’s name) would put in their house?” If not, you might reconsider.

Stick to the classics

For big-ticket items like a new sofa or dining table, look for something with staying power — these aren’t the sorts of things you want to change up next year. Instead, introduce trends through small, easy-to-flip accessories.

Stay focused

While you may love items from various styles, focus on one look. Avoid blending disparate trends together or you could create confusion.

Beware the domino effect

If introducing a trend is going to start a major redecorating effort, it might not be worth it. Unless you’re up for the challenge, in which case go for it!

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