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Toronto Winter Stations Competition Reveals Winning Designs

A steam-emitting canoe, a faux fur-lined dome and a transparent sauna are among the seven winning designs of the second annual Winter Stations competition. Come February, the interactive art installations will decorate the edge of Toronto’s shoreline.

Launched last year by the architects at RAW Design, the contest invites anyone to revamp a lifeguard station into a temporary pavilion in an effort to encourage Toronto residents to enjoy their snowy winter landscape. This year, artists and designers were asked to respond to Ontario’s harsh winters under the theme Freeze/Thaw. Here are a few of the winning designs.

Winter Stations Steam Canoe

One of three school-based projects – The Steam Canoe by a group from OCAD University.

Winter Stations Fur-Lined Dome

Visitors can climb up a ladder into the Belly of a Bear by Caitlin Brown, Wayne Garrett and Lane Shordee of Calgary, to find a domed interior lined with fur.

Winter Stations Sauna

Sauna by Claire Furnley and James Fox from the U.K. is an actual heated sauna with a modern, transparent facade.

Winter Stations Frozen Stars

Flow by Calvin Fung and Victor Huynh is a shelter of 3-D star-shaped modules that reinterpret ice crystal.

The seven structures will be installed around lifeguard towers from Woodbine to Victoria Park Avenue in Toronto, starting February 15, 2016 until March 20.

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Sabina Sohail
Courtesy of Winter Stations