toronto's famous cube house

Toronto’s Famous Cube House Is For Sale

One of Toronto’s most unique properties, the trio of green cubes found at 1 Sumach Street, has recently been listed privately on the market for an undisclosed amount.

Built in 1996 by architects Ben Kuttner and Jeff Brown, the cube structure sits on a pie-shaped lot and was inspired by Dutch Architect Piet Blom’s complex of cubic houses in Rotterdam. In 2002, the property was sold to Coffee Time founder Tom Michalopulos for $265,000.

Together, the three cubes are a spacious 9,000-square-feet, with each individual unit measuring 42-feet by 42-feet. Each home is divided onto multiple levels and features soaring pointed ceilings and large skylights.

Though the cubes have become somewhat of a Toronto landmark, realtor Arthur Crapopulos suggests it’s possible that the cube structure will be knocked down depending on who purchases the property and their vision for the land. Given the property’s downtown location and Toronto’s current red-hot market, The Toronto Star estimates that today, the value of the land could soar upwards of $4 million.


CBC video producer Martin Trainor, who has lived in two of the three cubes for the past 15 years, is advocating for the structure’s preservation. “Living in the cubes, you get a sense for how special they are. I actually have another property that I could live in,” he explained to Blog TO. “It’s a regular house. But I choose to live here because it’s unique. It’s a great architectural masterpiece.”

Martin hopes that the structure will be spared by whoever purchases the land next, or else moved to a new location where it can still be publicly viewed.

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    I hope the Cube House remains as it is where it is!