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Graffiti — how do we feel about it? To me the word doesn’t seem so bad, so “street” anymore. But that’s just my point of view. I’m sure I would be plenty mad if someone sprayed my house, but maybe a garage would be more forgivable? I don’t have one, but I don’t think I would mind so much if it was in a back alley.

My colleague Meg Crossley had her nephews stay with her for a weekend recently, and she arranged to have her neighbourhood graffiti guy spray her garage while the boys watched — a pretty cool aunt, if you ask me. Here’s a shot of one of the garages in her alleyway.

Perhaps the awareness of this art form comes from the notoriety of British street artist Banksy. His recent movie Exit Through the Gift Shop was a fun look into this underground art form.

The key for me is that some of it really is art — these people can paint! Take Roa, for example (three images above). I love the strong black and white animals he draws — they’re so graphic, and so on trend. I would hang any of these images in my home.

I noticed this condo sign up near our offices the other day. Funny thing is that the sign is made to look like graffiti, but it’s really just a large printed sign. Now that says this developer is thinking — and thinking mainstream.

I was in DeSerres recently and they had a rather large display of spray paint, in a spectrum of amazing colours. The brand, called Sabotaz, has a great tag (get it… a spray paint joke?), “Creativity under pressure”. Beyond getting outside and painting on your garage door, these paints would be super handy for all sorts of home projects.

The really cool thing is they have five different nozzle sizes, all sold separately for 59 cents each.

Anyhow, if you need to tart up some furniture this spring, maybe give this paint a look.

Or try your hand at one of our DIY projects that use spray paint.

Photo credits:
1. Meg Crossley
5-7. Morgan Michener
8. DeSerres

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