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I bought my first skull laces for a pair of brown converse sneakers a good decade ago. I was too old to try that look then, and even more so now. So be it, I still happily sported those laces for years. But skulls in design are bigger than ever right now. I recently bought an Alexander McQueen skull scarf. (Okay, so I was putting in time in an airport and soothed myself with a purchase at Harrod’s airport store — I wish the purchase had a more glamorous pedigree). But despite the venue for my skulls purchase, I feel completely on-trend as they are spotted everywhere this fall (and this isn’t just about Halloween, although that helps).

I first spotted skulls on the runway, as part of the autumn/winter line by designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac.

Soon after, the skull motif was showing up on house goods, including a decanter by Two’s Company. Soon after, I happened upon skull dinner plates found on a fun Etsy store called foldedpigs. The shop owner specializes in repurposing restaurant ware with decorative decals, and of course the skull seems to be one of her favourite details to add.

More skull searching and I discovered a blog called Find, Make, Do with great handmade skull decorations like these wire skulls.

Lastly, I stumbled upon what I can only describe as an art blog, called Skull-A-Day, where blogger Noah Scalin fashions a skull a day out of anything and everything. That was five years ago, and it’s still up and running. There’s a skull-a-day book, a skull appreciation day and invitations to submit for artists also interested in skulls. Above is one of Noah’s original lace skulls. Kind of beautiful.

Alas, I am not going to make a skull (as I have neither the time nor talent) when I can easily buy a scarf covered with them.

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