Turquoise Accent Walls

I have one of those apartments in an old Victorian house where the rooms are awkwardly divided, and every time I turn the corner into my living room, I wish I had an accent wall with a bit more punch.

Here it is now with its blah green walls and too-small photography.

I spent the last week looking at bright turquoise oceanscapes in Mexico, and ever since, I can’t stop daydreaming about painting my own oceanscape in the form of an accent wall.

I’ve had this Steven Gambrel hallway tacked up in my office for ages — I love the deep hue combined with a glossy finish. Since my living room has tons of southern light, I think I could go dark.

I love the way turquoise makes white trim pop — which I have plenty of.

Or perhaps a lighter shade? Although I think this colour is too girly girl for me.

Antony Todd used a dark and dramatic shade in this living room, which makes me lean toward a blue-toned teal. Maybe one day I can even trade my university-student-Ikea-sofa for a chic turquoise one like this. Quelle contrast!

This Elle Decor photo has also been on my bulletin board forever. I would so so so like to do a glossy wall one day — in a shade of turquoise, of course.

Along with my turquoise wall, I’d like to update my photography. Perhaps some of my favourite travel photos in black and white, framed in simple black frames, and hung haphazardly as a gallery wall? Different frame thicknesses add character and dimension, like in the bathroom above.

And here you can see how turquoise really enhances black and white art. I like how these frames are varying sizes. If I do a gallery wall, I’ll arrange them from a centre point like they did here, instead of aligning them from the sides or top/bottom. I prefer the randomness of this wall over the orderly gallery walls I often see.

So, with a little motivation and a weekend of elbow grease, I think I can make it happen. Wish me luck! I’ll be sure to post the after shots if it does happen.

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