Uncovering A Feature Wall

Back in the fall — wow, has it been that long!? — we smashed down a couple of walls in our kitchen-dining area and exposed the beautiful old lath and plaster behind. It felt like an archaeological expedition, unearthing walls so artfully crafted some 100 years ago. We loved the sculptural look of the lath so much that we actually left it there for some time, thinking that maybe we could just keep it as is.

Photo Blog March 17 Feature Wall Demolition Reno

I love this dusty shot of our good friend Georgia in front of all that textured lath. (She came by to visit…we put her to work!)

Photo Blog March 17 Feature Wall Dinner

And, it was the perfect moody backdrop for our move-in day pizza and wine dinner party for the friends who so kindly helped us. Looking back, it really was a disaster in there!

We had to move some ductwork behind the wall, however, so we carefully removed the wood slats and bundled them up. My partner, Justin, had the great idea to rehang them, but in tighter rows — a neater, stylized version of what was originally there. He has a true gift for making organization an art form.

Photo Blog March 17 Feature Wall Reno Dining Room

So, here it is, as it stands now — not quite halfway there. (Plus, take a sneak peek at our newly stained floors!) Our trusty contractor, Lino, started it for us one day (even though he thought we were crazy at first) and we are thrilled with the result. It is now up to us to fix our broken nail gun and get it finished. I love how it adds artful history and texture to the room.

Photo: Feature wall

Now I’m seeing these types of walls all over, in keeping with the many types of architectural salvage people are integrating into their homes. Perhaps it got into our minds subconsciously seeing it elsewhere, but we felt like it was entirely our idea. My sister burst that bubble by sending me this image from a display at an Anthropologie store near her in L.A.

Photo Blog March 17 Feature Wall Bedroom Bed

No need for a headboard in this oh-so dreamy bedroom.

Photo Blog March 17 Feature Wall Dining Room

And here, a chunkier take on the look with wide strips of wood in variegated colours and textures.

I’d love to hear your ideas for salvaging and reusing materials from a renovation. I’m sure there are lots of you, who, like me, have a really hard time parting with things, even the old, dust-encrusted ones.

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Photo credits:
1-3. Catherine MacIntosh
4. Debbie Irving
5. Erin Martin Design
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