Unique Bathroom Mirrors

An inexpensive way to add big impact in a bathroom is to choose a great mirror. Here are a few beautiful designs that are sure to inspire:

This drool-worthy ornate gold mirror adds a perfect glitzy touch.

In this elegant black and white bathroom, white marble crawls up the backsplash and frames the mirror for a very luxe look.

Get creative with your mirror placement. If tiles or a wide ledge make hanging your mirror too big a task, let it rest on your vanity for a casual look. In this case, bigger is better.

I love that this designer didn’t forgo a good mirror because of architectural restraints. Notice how this rustic mirror hovers a few inches away from the window thanks to thick cords hung from the ceiling.

Can’t settle on just one mirror? Try an eclectic arrangement of mirrors mixed with art. It’s also an easy solution for collectors and serial-decorators who like to change things up on a whim!

For more inspiration, see our Pinterest Bathroom board.

Photo credits:
1. Paul Raeside
2. Erica George Dines, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
3. Nuevo Estilo as seen on Belle Vivir blog
4. Design by Antonio Martins
5. Rebecca Duke for The Guardian

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