Unpretentious Bathrooms

Is your bathroom looking tired? Is it out-of-date and out-of-luck? Are you dreaming of a glass shower enclosure, a freestanding statement tub and heated flooring?

Well dream on, because for many of us, this just isn’t attainable! If, instead, you’re open to making the most of what you’ve got, then read on.

Baby-blue bathtubs, checkerboard tile work and a footprint that’s barely big enough to turn around in are a reality that can be perked up. Instead of fighting with your bathroom’s colour scheme, go with it! Take a look at fabrics you like for inspiration and you’ll find the perfect accent colour to go with almost any tile. Fresh towels don’t cost very much and can make a world of difference. And replacing a large unframed mirror with something more special is another great tip. Keep an eye out for a fun and fluffy bath mat and you’re off to the races.

Check out this before photo — look familiar?

And after.

This room is from a memorable story from the July 2008 issue of Real Simple magazine and it’s so fun. Even if your style is less colourful and vintage-inspired than this one, it just goes to show that you can really make your bathroom work.

This other bathroom comes to us via Lonny magazine and, before you get all snooty on me, just know that it belongs to none other than the great and famous Albert Hadley. See? Style does not mean flashy fixtures and marble tile. I just like that Hadley is confident enough to take it easy and have a simple, unpretentious bathroom. And you can, too.

For more inspiration, see our Bathroom Makeovers photo gallery.

Photo credits:
1-2. Real Simple July 2008 issue
3. Lonny magazine

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