Best Paint Colors

December 10, 2008

Updating Vertical Blinds

Q. We’ve redone our home and love the colours but the vertical blinds are outdated. I think I should paint the window trim in a half tone of the lighter colour in the room. Any suggestions?

A. Your trim colour actually contrasts very nicely with the wall colour and adds a brightness to the space. However, you have a point about your verticals; the room would be instantly updated by removing all of those blinds.

To create warm window coverings, install drapes on either side of all of the windows and remove all blinds. Not only are they dated, but they are covering the pretty mullions (dividers) on your windows. On the window behind the sofa, create a focal wall by installing roman shades inside the window frames and curtain panels on either side of the “sofa niche”. This layered look will make the recess seem less lacking and plain. Make sure to hang the curtain rod on the wall above the recess, halfway between the top and the crown moulding. Do not install the curtains inside the niche; they will block too much of the window and will look awkward. Rich, velvety or chenille curtains in chocolate brown or with deep brown accents will stand out against the wall colour, and will tie in with the upholstery and rug in the room. Installing all the roman shades inside your window frames will allow the woodwork to stand out, but think about using shades only where you need the privacy. Your windows will be flanked with curtain panels, and leaving the windows without shades where possible will allow more light in, and will make the room seem loftier. Choose a muted fabric for the roman shades, like a tone-on-one pattern; a paisley or tweed design would be stunning with your traditional room. Keep the shades simple, without too much fringe or adornment.