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September 4, 2013

Victoria Seaside Estate

Whether you head to the ocean, the lake or just have a little fountain on the patio, there’s nothing so restorative as a long weekend on the water. Imagine, then, how relaxed you could be if you lived by the water full time. But this $12-million listing in Victoria doesn’t just have a great location on the ocean; inside, it’s full of surprises. Take a look and you’ll see why.

The seven-bedroom, ten-bath home is situated on three acres on Victoria’s east coast. Originally built in 1914, it’s been well maintained, but its shingled exteriors still show some dignified signs of weathering. And I think it’s nice that its large-but-probably-historic windows and modest porches haven’t been replaced with glass sheets and sprawling terraces.

Between the mountains, the sea and 700 feet of rocky coastline, there’s plenty to see looking out from the house’s lawn. There are three islets that can be seen by kayak, and for explorations further afield, there’s a long dock to accommodate larger boats.

Here’s where things start to look a little different from your ordinary Craftsman-slash-Shingle seaside mansion. I’m guessing that’s the original crown moulding and ceiling, but this room — and almost every other one — has otherwise been filled with Moroccan-style lanterns, poufs and accents like that brass tray.

The roomy kitchen throws a few more things into the style mix: a reclaimed gate and column, stainless steel appliances, leaded windows, exposed brick, beams and shelving and drippy chandeliers. But I think the eclecticism feels cosy and organic here, as though each piece was collected over various family trips.

Thanks to those tall candlesticks, this feels almost like a four-poster tub. You could spend an entire long weekend in here, soaking in some bubbles and taking in the view. Given that the house has nearly 11,000 square feet of space, plus a 1,000-square-foot guest house, I think there’s a good chance you wouldn’t be disturbed. Does the West Africa-meets-West Coast house intrigue you? Or would you clear out the souvenirs and bring in a breezier, seaside vibe?

For more Moroccan style, check out Seema Persaud’s blog post on pouf seating.

Photo credits:
1–5. Sotheby’s International Realty