Weekly Roundup: Flowers & Gardens

Thanks to the inspiring House & Home of the Month in the May 2012 issue (on newsstands starting Monday, April 9th), I’m now anxiously awaiting the first few blooms in my garden. After the roller coaster-like temperatures we’ve experienced here in Ontario, I’m not sure when to trim perennials or plant my late-blooming bulbs or if it’s too late for any of that. To console myself as I worry about whether everything will bloom as usual, I’m happily getting lost in all the pretty and handy floral and garden-related posts on the web.

1. Michelle of Remodelista interviews Elysian Landscapes founder Judy Kameon and gets ideas for a modern tulip garden.

2. Courtney Barnes of Style Court shares beautiful photos from Bringing Nature Home: Floral Arrangements Inspired By Nature.

3. Theresa Gonzalez of Apartment Therapy inspires us to think beyond the standard terracotta pot and plant in more unusual containers.

4. Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic brings us more stunning garden photos.

5. Kate Murphy for The New York Times reviews 10 gardening apps for iPhones, iPads and Android phones that help you plot and keep track of your plants, among other things.

For more gardening and outdoor living ideas, browse our guide.

Photo credit:
1. Photography by Rebecca Bullene, via Flickr

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