Decorating & Design

April 23, 2009

Welcome Home!

Anyone else have a love-hate relationship with renovating? I was definitely not feeling the love when we camped out in our living/dining room while the kitchen was torn apart, and we cooked our meals with a rice steamer, toaster oven and electric frying pan. Or when we ripped out a damaged ceiling, puffing clouds of plaster dust so far and wide that I had to sweep the kids’ foreheads clean before I kissed them goodnight.

living room before

After one hair-raising day at work, I remember walking in for the first time on our newly redecorated living/dining room. Reclaimed brick wall. A rustic chandelier lit by two dozen candles. It wasn’t that everything was so lovely and new — that struck me a few weeks later when the credit card statement arrived. It’s that everything was us: a fireplace built from reclaimed wood. A sofa without the usual toxic stew of finishing sprays. Bookshelves laden with addictive stories that had us turning pages late into the night. As soon as I opened the door that day, I felt my shoulders instantly loosen.

living room after

Remodeling was a classic reno story. Big dreams. Tight budget. Part comedy, part tragedy. In this case, the people made it an absolute joy: about a dozen talented staffers and interns have been working days, nights and weekends to build this great new site. We did it because, frankly, a month is an awfully long time to wait for each copy of House & Home magazine. Now you can get a daily design hit as we wait for the next issue to land with a satisfying thwack.

Your favourite videos, articles and forums are all here. But we’ve added great new features too, such as the Recipe Finder we (selfishly!) created to make planning dinner parties easier. And the Galleries of gorgeous room photos to inspire you into the wee hours. And as weird as it sounds, one of my favourite things about the site is the Search: type in what you’re looking for, then decide what format you want. Articles? Photos? Videos — or all three? As for the blogs, ours are pretty, of course, but they also do what H&H does best: connect you with inspiration and resources to make your space your own.

So please come on in, make yourself comfortable and linger a while. We hope the site makes you feel right at home.

Trish Snyder
Online Editorial Director

P.S. We tried to sweep up all the dust after the reno, but you know how hard that is. If you find anything that looks odd, please email us (thanks to your speedy feedback, we’re working hard to sort out a few login bugs). And we’d love to know what you think — try the new Comments boxes throughout the site.