Welcome To The New H&H Website!

If you’re a House & Home regular, then you’re probably surprised — and in a good way, I hope! We’ve redesigned our site to feature big, gorgeous photos and galleries to make it even harder to resist those tempting ideas.

Besides more articles posted daily, you’ll find new sections about celebrity homes, real estate we crave, and everyone’s favorite topic: pets, of course. It’s a place to show off yours and share stories with our pet-crazy team.

There are lots of other new features, but my favorite is “Help Me With,” which invites you to ask us your questions. Chances are we have the answers, and if we don’t, we’ll get them for you asap.

For years, our readers have been asking for the great recipes we’ve featured in our print magazine. Up until now, they haven’t been available on our site. Good news — we’ve opened the archives, and we’re busy posting our top recipes from almost 30 years of House & Home. You’ll find more added every week, and best of all, you can save all your favorite content, pictures and videos.

Try us out and tell us if the new site is working for you, please.


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3 Responses to “Welcome To The New H&H Website!”

August 13, 2015 at 8:55 am, Nat said:

So impressed with this new site! Congrats, House and Home; you managed to outdo even yourself (no small feat). I LOVE IT!!



August 13, 2015 at 9:46 pm, Jacqueline Gibbons said:

What a stunning new site. I love the size and clarity of the pictures. Cannot wait to delve further and learn more and more, oh and try the recipes. Well done and best of luck.



September 08, 2015 at 11:01 pm, Barbara in VT said:

Help! I can’t play the videos anymore. Any clue what software upgrade I might need? I’m bummed; H&H videos are a small treat, and I look forward to them.



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