West Coast Charm

For most of the spring and beginning of summer, my family has been consumed with the renovation of our kitchen. (Watch a video tour here and pick up our Kitchens & Baths special issue for before and after photos.) We just managed to wrap up the reno and have it photographed for the magazine before we flew out west on a holiday that we booked months prior to visit family (primarily my new adorable nephew Zachary). Between family visits, we were also able to book a little getaway up the Sunshine Coast.

We spent four nights at the Stillwater Beach House B&B, situated between Saltery Bay & Powell River. Despite cooler temperatures and a little (well, quite a bit of) rain, we had a fantastic time. It’s hard not to with views like this:

The beach house is just steps to the water’s edge, where, during the precious sunlit hours, my son splashed in the ocean and looked for starfish. When the clouds rolled in we snuggled up on the sofa, lit the wood burning fireplace and read books or watched one of the DVDs in the library.

The decor in the beach house was tasteful but relaxed, which was perfect for us. I can appreciate the posh decor of a boutique hotel when I’m travelling on my own but require something a little less fancy and more functional with my three year old, who is usually covered in sand, mud, or both.

All in all it was an amazing trip and I was very sad to leave, though coming home to a nicely renovated kitchen did help a little.

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Photo credits:
1-8. Kai Ethier

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