What’s Exciting H&H Editors At IDS14

The 2014 Interior Design Show is fast approaching. This year features over 300 exhibits showcasing innovative designs and concepts from established designers and emerging names, all under one roof at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, from January 23 to 26. Get your tickets here!

Join H&H on Sunday, January 26 as we take to the main stage for decorating talks. See H&H‘s Lynda Reeves in conversation with Kelvin Browne of the Gardiner Museum at noon, followed by H&H‘s Mark Challen with Suzanne Dimma at 1:30 p.m. and special guest and design expert Sarah Richardson at 3 p.m. (Get more information about H&H‘s Sunday Speakers Series here.)

I asked some of our design editors which exhibits they’re most excited to check out at the show this year. Here’s what they said:

Meg Crossley, H&H Senior Editor: designboom mart & Studio North

I am most excited for the designboom mart, a design bazaar featuring unique items for sale by interesting artisans and shop owners. Last year it was fantastic. It showed a real mixed bag of things: linens, pottery, books, jewelry and more. (I am wearing the ring I bought last year and have had so many compliments!)

It added a great sense of fun to the show because you could leave with something in a bag beyond brochures. A word of advice: it got busy very quickly, so it’s a smart idea to get there early.

Second for me is Studio North. In particular, I love the chairs in Studio North. I think this could be the place we see the next big statement chair.

I always love this exhibit because I think you really see things either totally on-trend or before the trend happens, because you aren’t seeing things realized for mass market. Instead, you’re looking at one prototype, one single piece. It always hits home to me that these individuals are creating, which feels closer to true design.

There is an excitement to seeing the prototypes or smaller batch pieces and knowing this could end up in large scale production, or I could be seeing some of these pieces in houses in the future.

Morgan Michener, H&H Senior Style Editor: designboom mart

I’m getting excited to walk the aisles and reconnect with designers and see new products and innovations. Last year designboom mart had so many great, affordable products for purchase — it was a fun destination to hit before leaving the show.

Sarah Hartill, H&H Style Editor: Solo Home

The idea of jetting off on the weekends to an energy-efficient bunkie really interests me. I’m drawn to the design of Joel Loblaw’s work. I’m particularly interested in seeing the end result, considering the collaboration with Style Garage’s aesthetic.

Lauren Petroff, H&H Assistant Design Editor: Studio North

This year, I’m really looking forward to exploring Studio North. It’s great to see what aesthetic themes emerge from the collection as a whole, and I’m excited to see up-and-coming Canadian and international design talent.

Learn more about IDS14 at interiordesignshow.com, and click here for a full schedule of events.


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