What’s Your Colour Confidence Level?

There are plenty of ways to add colour to your home — and no better time to do it than spring. Whether you like it loud or subtle, check out these colourful options and see what your level of confidence is!

If this peaceful bedroom is right up your alley, you probably believe that neutral is a colour — and there is nothing wrong with that! Layer your space with texture and different wood tones for a luxurious look.

Perhaps you’re the type to add a few pops of colour to a base of neutrals. This is the best option for anyone who can’t commit to colour long-term (or for us designers who fall in love with a new trend every other week!). This is an easy way to build up your colour confidence!

For those of you who are willing to throw a bright hue onto cabinets or furniture, hats off to you! This can be a very bold move, especially considering the work involved. The payoff can be well worth it too; this grass-green French-country kitchen is absolutely beautiful.

If this is your dream space, your colour confidence level is through the roof! Congrats for being such a dare-devil! Prints, colours, textures — this room is sure to showcase your lively personality.

What’s your colour confidence level?
1. Low: Neutrals floor-to-ceiling.
2. Medium: Subtle pops of colour through accessories.
3. High: Bright paint seals the deal.
4. Soaring: Prints, colours & textures: not for the faint of heart.

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