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Where Are These Top 3 Designers Most Creative? You’ll Never Guess!

We’re constantly in awe of designers’ creativity, so we wanted to know where inspiration strikes them most. We asked three top designers where they’re most creative – you’ll be surprised by some of their answers! Let us know where you’re most creative in the comments below.

tom dixon“It’s always when I’m doing something repetitive and mechanical. Chopping vegetables is a great way of freeing your mind. Cycling is quite good for that as well.” – Tom Dixon


bruno moinard“To me, nature is important. I like a home to be connected to nature, whether it’s the soft colors or the view.” – Bruno Moinard


“I tend lee broomto think of ideas right before I fall to sleep. The crystal bulb, in fact, I kind of almost semi dreamt that product. I have a small notepad by my bed so if I do think of something I can quickly sketch it. Usually the next day it’s nonsense, but when I saw that I was like, that’s actually a great idea.” – Lee Broom

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