Win A BBQ!

I was a late bloomer on Facebook. While everyone around me was craving their next fix, I couldn’t imagine spending one second of my free time in front of the computer. I finally caved after my cunning friend asked if I’d seen the latest plans for a group get-together. "I posted the invite on Facebook," she said slyly.

Now, I get it. I yelped out loud the day I learned about my dear friend’s first book deal. And when a faraway cousin got married, I pored over the gorgeous shots posted by my aunt. Though most of status updates could be filed under useless trivia, I love that every post gives me a short, sweet window into what my circle is up to.

If you become a fan of House & Home on Facebook or follow us on Twitter you’ll start to see the benefits of adding us to your news feed: we’ll post the link when a new blog or photo gallery is ready (Suzanne Dimma’s wedding photos this Friday…) or as soon as a fabulous new prize is on the block. In fact, we reserve some contests exclusively for our followers on Facebook or Twitter, including this one: a chance to win a $2,000 premium grill from Broil King!

Hey, you can even share the link to this giveaway in your news feed to let all your friends in on the action. If your cousin wins, you might get a Facebook invite you to her first barbecue.

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