Window Seats That Work

Window seats let you take in the wonder of fresh snowfall, or the drama of a thunderstorm, while you lie back and stay warm and dry. There’s such a romance to window seats, and they’re a practical way to max out an awkward space.

I wanted to update my bedroom window seat above (a prime squirrel surveillance outpost) but when I looked for inspiration photos, I was stumped. Most were clogged with enough pillows for an opium den, or topped with swags of balloon drapes — the effect was claustrophobic, not dreamy. So what does it take to make a window seat you can crush on?

If you have beautiful mullions and trim, show them off and skip the fussy window treatments.

Treat a window seat like its own little room with panelling and light fixtures. This window seat obviously moonlights as a guest bedroom with a trundle bed and pillows that are part and parcel of the bedding.

Use quality cushions, no thin little mats or dinky toss pillows. This London window seat is spartan for sure, but the deep padding still makes it look like a cushy spot to lounge.

To create an ultra-calming environment, go with neutral fabrics, like these butterscotch-hued cushions that practically melt into sauna-inspired bench seating.

Use your view as inspiration for the palette: watery blue fabrics and blond wood complement this bay vista.

Finally, if the view from your window seat looks like this, you can’t really go wrong. It’s the best perch in this Cali treehouse-style studio, and reading material is always close at hand.

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Photo credits:
1. Wendy Jacob
2., kitchen design by Brian Watford
4. Platform 5 Architects
6., kitchen design by Mahoney Architects & Interiors
7., design by Safdie Rabines Architects

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