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August 23, 2010

Wish List

I realize that it’s only August, but here at House & Home we’ve been knee-deep in the holidays for the past few weeks as we work on our November 2010 issue. Every time I step outside my office, I’m greeted with tabletop Christmas trees, beautifully wrapped (albeit empty) gifts, and boxes upon boxes of ornaments.

In true holiday form, I figured it was time to do a small roundup of products I’ve had my eye on, and that I’m hoping will magically appear under my tree this Christmas.

Photo Blog August 23 Wish List Sofa

I have dreams about this Oscar sofa by The Future Perfect. Really, I do. I found it more than a year ago and it was love at first sight. The website says it all — it’s perfect. The lines, the grey wool upholstery, the cute little turned legs, and the appearance of a slightly tufted back make it a piece that you will appreciate for years and years. I have a photo of this sofa on my inspiration board in my office and I sigh a little every time I see it. Perhaps Santa’s budget got a bit bigger this year? Doubtful, but hey, a girl can dream.

Photo Blog August 23 Wish List Lamp

I live in a long and narrow loft so, as odd as this sounds, the less furniture, the better. I like to keep my sightlines clear and my floors uncluttered. Instead of taking up space with side tables and table lamps, I’ve been thinking about introducing this handsome floor lamp from Structube to my living room. It looks great, could be used for either task or ambient lighting, and would complement my high (14 foot!) ceilings.

Photo Blog August 23 Wish List Jewelry Boxes

Remember way back in January when we all made resolutions that we probably have abandoned by now? Come on, admit it! I resolved to become more organized. Don’t get me wrong, my loft is spotless and everything visible is meticulously placed, but don’t you dare open my closets. My current organization dilemma is about my jewelry collection. I’ve tried the classic jewelry box route, naturally, but it doesn’t work for me. Then I spotted these attractive boxes at West Elm. Wouldn’t it be great to gather a few of these and sit them on top of your dresser? I could keep all the pieces I wear on a regular basis for easy access and then tuck away the pieces I save for special occasions. So dear Santa, I promise to be more organized if a collection of these boxes (in white, please) would appear under my tree on December 25th.

Photo Blog August 23 Wish List Book As A Lady Would Say

This next gift on my wish list comes with a bit of a nerdy confession. My favourite book is Emily Post’s Etiquette 17th Edition (2004 Harper Collins) by Peggy Post. The book As A Lady Would Say: Responses to Life’s Important (and Sometimes Awkward) Situations (2004 Thomas Nelson) by Sheryl Shade caught my eye at Chapters the other day. I think it would not only be a great addition to my collection of etiquette books, but it would also be a lovely punch of colour on my white bookshelf. I hope you’re reading this, Mom — I have you to blame (or thank?) for my stickler ways when it comes to proper behaviour.

Photo Blog August 23 Wish List Stationery Cards

Finally, I’ve reverted back to the old tradition of handwritten letters thanks to a special someone that has temporarily moved overseas. Okay, let’s be honest, I was born in the ’80s — I’m not as old school as I’d like to think — but I’m really enjoying putting a pen to paper and actually writing out my words. The stationery collections by Push The Envelope Studio make me want to write to everyone I know. They have really graphic and punchy designs for cards, notepads and invitations, and the best part is that almost everything can be customized. I love the Chevron Stripe Everyday Cards in pink or navy. Perhaps if I’m lucky enough to get these (along with all the other gifts, of course) this year, I’ll even send Santa a nice thank you card using one of them!

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