This Could Be The World’s First Rotating Skyscraper

Architect David Fisher is planning the world’s first rotating skyscraper in Dubai. Residents of the Dynamic Tower will enjoy panoramic views, thanks to special technology that allows each individual apartment to rotate 360 degrees.

First announced in 2008, Dynamic Architecture’s rotating skyscraper project was since put on hold, and is now back in action. “I think that this building will make people think that anything is possible in life,” said David recently on Your Discover Science channel on YouTube.

The building’s ability to constantly change shape isn’t its only miraculous quality. Not only can each owner control the movement of their apartment, but the motion is undetectable. “The floor is rotating very smoothly. You don’t hear anything,” said David.

Each unit will cost around $30 million, but residents won’t have to pay for electricity. David plans to build wind turbines between the floors that power the entire building.


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Adena Leigh
Courtesy of Dynamic Architecture