Worn Walls

Maybe it’s because I’m working on a wallpaper story for an upcoming issue of House & Home (and am consumed with all things wall right now), or maybe because it’s fall and that itch to redecorate has struck. For whatever reason, I’m loving textured walls right now.

Who didn’t love that wall behind the old threadbare sofa in Geoffrey Rush’s office in The King’s Speech? It was amazing — all peeled and worn, so much life. (For more movie interiors, see our photo gallery.)

It reminded me of a hair studio that was here in Toronto a million years ago (okay, maybe 20 years ago), The Rainbow Room. Walking up the salon stairs you couldn’t miss that the hall was wallpapered with the Sanderson pattern Rose & Peony (above). The kicker was that the paper had been sanded down all over to fake age and wear. The look was so ahead of its time.

Stylist Glen Proebstel has worked with this rough cement wall beautifully (left). I really like the softness of the fabric mixed with the industrial wall behind. I think the image on the right might be a textile draped on the wall, but I love the watery stained look. Who needs art when your walls look like this?!

For more wall inspiration, see our Wallpapered Rooms photo gallery.

Photo credits:
1. A Ruffled Feather blog
2. Sanderson’s Rose & Peony wallpaper, Mydeco.com
3. Glen Proebstel

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