Yard Sale Season

It’s high season for yard sales! So there are tons of fun DIY projects out there from found objects (read: cheap!). Check out this set of benches that blogger Fiona Richards of Cafe Cartolina picked up:

The owner was charging $5 for them, but Fiona actually loaded them up for free.

She pressure-washed them down, let dry, and placed side-by-side as a warm and rustic coffee table.

If you’re sure you want to leave them as a coffee table (and not repurpose them as benches one day), glue them together with some wood furniture glue. A light sanding will add a worn look to wood that isn’t rustic enough to begin with.

For more photos of the project, see Fiona’s blog post.

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Photo credits:
1-3. Fiona Richards, Cafe Cartolina

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