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Yay Or Nay? Wall Decals

Lately it seems that every art, hardware and decor store carries a wide selection of wall stickers for the home. From typography to flowers, anything seems to go. I must admit, I thought they were rather clever at first. It seemed like a quick fix — a cheap and easy way to throw on some oversized art without the pain and cost of framing. Nowadays, however, they kind of make me cringe.

Oh dear — the chandelier decal. I’ve seen this sticker one too many times. May I suggest getting a real chandelier?

Decorating, like art, is subjective and individual. So I totally respect that many may disagree with my take. Please weigh in the comment form below!

Oversized, nature-inspired decals seem to be popular in living rooms. Once again, I’d rather see a real plant and some pretty paintings, but that’s just me. What do you think?

Somehow, I don’t mind them in a child’s bedroom. I guess the bright colours and cartoon-like flatness of the art works well in playful spaces.

This growth chart wall decal is adorable. Again, it’s for a kid’s room. I like when art becomes functional!

I’m sure you have your own thoughts about wall stickers. Perhaps you’ve found a way to make them work in your own home. In your opinion: are wall decals still trendy, or are they a fad?

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