Yellow, My New Love

I used to be a card-carrying member of the anti-yellow society. Never cared for the stuff. It was banished from my closet, my makeup kit and my rooms. Ick. But my love of green — each and every hue of it — brought me around to looking at yellow in a new light. Green and yellow are fresh companions. But now I’m even loving yellow for its own virtues and I’m diving headlong into decorating with it.

This room by Meg Braff is so happy and Floridian. I love her measured use of yellow — there really isn’t that much, but the overall effect is definitely sunshiny. Of course, this is due in no small part to the wall of mirror, which is doubling the effect of the hits of colour and the natural light flooding the room. Love the fully upholstered chairs, too.

This Hamptons cottage by Leslie Klotz is one of my favourite published interiors. Those bare floors, the window seat, undressed window, pretty yellow chairs and wacky huge seahorses just say, “Pour me another G&T.”

While I am loving yellow, I still don’t think I would paint a wall yellow. It’s very tricky to get the right shade, so you definitely need to do test patches. Designer Lindsey Coral Harper hit just the right note in this kitchen. What a lovely spot for a pot of tea and a newspaper.

Yellow certainly says good morning in a way that few other colours do. This Hinson Fireworks wallpaper is a famous Albert Hadley design. RIP Mr. Hadley, and thanks for making the world prettier. And thank you designer Mona Ross Berman for showing us a much more refined side of the Jersey Shore than we are used to seeing. (This cottage is in Strathmere Beach, NJ). I recently took the plunge on a little bit of yellow print wallpaper for my Toronto place (though not the bedroom). You’ll be able to check it out in an upcoming issue of House & Home.

And how about this fun project? Bade Stageberg Cox rescued 50 chairs from the curb and reinvented them with rain slicker yellow paint. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Why not do this yourself this weekend?

But here’s the little dose of yellow I’d really love to have in my life. The classic VW Microbus. I. Would. Die. To. Drive. This.

For more sunny inspiration, see our Yellow Rooms photo gallery.

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