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November 9, 2015

5 Things Curtis Stone Can’t Live Without

Curtis Stone, celebrity chef, TV personality and author of Good Food, Good Life, shares the five things he can’t live without. 

1. “Travel (a lot of it!): I’m Aussie but have put down roots in L.A. with my wife and two little boys, so I love the fact that I get to travel back to Oz a handful of times per year for a mix of fun and catching up with everyone at work. Our newest addition to the family, Emerson, took his first trip to Australia with Lindsay in April of this year – it was super special to introduce our little guy to family and friends.

2. Our Pool: It’s a total luxury to have a pool in the backyard, even more so when you live in L.A., where the sun shines nearly 365 days a year. I definitely made the most of our water hole over the summer with both of the kids.


3. A Pizza Oven: One of the reasons we bought our home was the magnificent outdoor wood fire pizza oven – it’s a real feature and gathering area in our backyard. There’s so much theater about a pizza oven, plus all kinds of dishes can be cooked with a wood fire. I use it to cook anything from roast lamb, peppers for homemade salsas and of course, pizzas are delicious with a nice crispy base.

4. My Veggie Patch: I guess you could say I’m a massive outdoors man as this is the third thing from my very own backyard that I cannot live without! I have a decent sized veggie patch that turns out all kinds of fruit and veg depending on what’s in season. I can easily spend a lazy Sunday afternoon out there planting, plucking and puttering away.

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5. Farmer’s Markets: We are so incredibly spoiled for choice with the number farmer’s markets in L.A. and the abundant varieties of fruit and veg that can be picked up from the trestle tables. I regularly visit the Hollywood Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings and take my oldest son, Hudson, who is really into it.”

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