May 19, 2017

Amazing Wines For Summer Meals

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Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue, an elegant dinner party or an afternoon picnic, choosing the right white wine can elevate your meal. So it’s no surprise that finding a high-quality wine at a great price is the ultimate summer score. For everything from grilled meats and fish to tangy seasonal salads, fruits and cheese, two wines stand out with fantastic pairing potential: light and crisp Cavit Pinot Grigio and sweet-yet-refreshing Cavit Moscato. (Both are available in store and online at the LCBO.)


Made with grapes grown in the lush and rolling vineyards of Italy’s northeastern Trentino Alto Adige region, Cavit wines offer exceptional taste. Indeed, the alpine Trentino area includes five different microclimates, ideal for producing multiple wine varieties.

cavit-collection-pinot-grigio-moscato-white-wine-canada-lcbo-530HLight-bodied Cavit Pinot Grigio pairs beautifully with just about anything — but it goes particularly well with chicken, pork, oysters and mussels. Its lemon-apple aroma and flavour also makes it an ideal partner for grilled salmon and other fish, as well as crisp summer salads and citrus desserts. Whether you’re lakeside at the cottage or with friends in a city backyard, this Italian wine is a versatile crowd-pleaser in the summer and year-round. (At $12.95 a bottle, why not keep a case on hand — and invite your friends?)

For many on-trend foodies, though, summer is Moscato season. With sweet notes of white peach, apricot and sage, Cavit Moscato is a perfect choice to serve well-chilled with appetizers during a languorous afternoon or sunset. Lobster, chicken, shrimp, mint, berries and dark chocolate all team well with Moscato. (It’s another Italian steal at $12.95.)

Looking for recipes now that you’ve got your wine choices lined up? Discover delicious ideas for summer vegetable soups, pizza, tarragon chicken and other dishes that work beautifully with Cavit Pinot Grigio and Moscato here.


It’s good to know that these palate-pleasing Cavit wines go easy on the planet, too. Sustainability is paramount at Cavit’s Trentino vineyards, and the company has made investments to reduce energy and water consumption. Growing grass under the vines and using organic farming techniques also help preserve nutrients in the soil and reduce the need for chemicals and fertilizers.

Summer greenery and flowers, sunny afternoons and long, starlit evenings call for extraordinary white wines. Cavit Collection Pinot Grigio and Moscato fill the bill perfectly, and their affordable prices mean you’ll want to share them with all of your family and friends. Buon appetito!