October 6, 2009

Hot Candle Holders

Since I work on food and entertaining stories for the magazine, I’m always looking for beautiful tabletop layers to add to stories, and right now I’m in love with candlesticks.

I know what you’re thinking: mumsy and old school. I have to say they are anything but. These candles add a lovely bit of trad style to a room ? have a look below at the pretty, whimsical dining space as an example.

photo: pretty whimsical dining space with candlesticks

photo: candlestick on a mantle

News to some, but not all: most good quality silver candelabra offer double duty in the décor department. They usually come apart, thus turning a single candle holder into a candelabra.

photo: single candlestick or a candelabra

photo: a mix of silver, wooden tones and varying heights

The single candlestick is great for everyday use, perfect on a sideboard. I like to mix in wooden tones and varying heights to create the feel of a collection.

photo: three arm sterling silver candelabra from Birks

I like the candelabra for that extra hit of décor and height in a tablescape. The top three arms of this Birks sterling silver candelabra unscrew into a single taper, $455.

photo: 1950 silver-plated three-arm candelabra from Cynthia Findley Antiques

1950s silver-plated three-arm candelabra from Cynthia Findley Antiques in Toronto, $495 for a pair. The top three arms unscrew from the bottom. What a great investment, and a great way to cosy up in October.

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Laura Resen
3. Morgan Michener
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Birks, sterling silver candelabra
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