March 5, 2009

Matching Food & Wine

Asian dishes, curries, sushi

Best Choice: Riesling
Second Choice: Gewürztraminer
Why: Spicy dishes work well with crisp whites with just a touch
of sweetness to tame their heat.

Turkey, quail, pheasant, guinea hen, duck

Best Choice: Pinot noir
Second Choice: Beaujolais
Why: Wild birds have earthy flavours that are stronger than plain old chicken so they often pair better with bolder reds.


Best Choice: Pinot grigio
Second Choice: Sparkling wines like Spanish cava and Italian spumante
Why: The pinot grigio cuts through the richness of the risotto, helping to add a lighter note to the meal. This is another regional match.


Best Choice: Shiraz
Second Choice: Sangiovese
Why: The brawny flavours in this Cajun classic cry out for the deep, plummy notes in a full-throttle shiraz.


Best Choice: Champagne or sparkling wine
Second Choice: Unoaked chardonnay
Why: Oysters’ briny and oily qualities smother most wines. Bubbly will stand up to oysters, though, and refresh the palate after each bite. The iodine in the oysters will make a more tannic wine, such as cabernet sauvignon, taste bitter and metallic.


Best Choice: Cabernet sauvignon
Second Choice: Zinfandel
Why: The meat’s juicy proteins soften the tannins in the cabernet and make the wine taste smooth and fruity.


Best Choice: Riesling or gamay
Second Choice: Cabernet sauvignon or barolo
Why: An off-dry riesling has a complementary sweetness against the glazes on ham or pork as well as the chutneys and sauces that often accompany it.

Fruit flans, cobbler desserts

Best Choice: Icewine or sauternes
Second Choice: Late-harvest Riesling
Why: Lighter fruit-based desserts work well with these wines because of both their sweetness and balancing acidity.

Chocolate desserts

Best Choice: Port
Second Choice: Madeira
Why: The richest, most decadent desserts demand a wine that’s even sweeter and richer (otherwise the wine would taste thin and even bitter). Both vintage and tawny ports pair beautifully with the flavour and texture of chocolate.

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