November 28, 2014

How To Set Up A Great Bar

Being a great host or hostess can inevitably involve some prep work, but when it comes to setting up a bar space that your guests can use to serve themselves, prepping can pay off big time. Not only is it one less thing to think about during the hustle and bustle of a holiday party, but a well-thought-out bar can look great, too. Besides the obvious considerations (like what to stock the bar with), here are three other things to consider when prepping your bar for party time:

1. Location. A key component to setting up a great bar is where it is situated. Be sure to have the bar visible and accessible, but tucked away from high-traffic areas. A good way to do this is by keeping it in a separate space away from the kitchen — like the living room where guests are likely to sit for a drink.

2. Lighting. Seasoned entertainers know ambience can be everything and lighting your bar area is no different. Lighting may be dim while you are hosting but it is important for guests to be able to read the labels on the bottles clearly without making the area too bright — a streamlined table lamp is often a great option.

3. Accessories. A tray is essential for a great bar — it keeps the contents looking neat and corralled, but also lets guests know that the glasses are clean and ready to use. Remember to include things like bottle openers, napkins, garnish and even a cocktail shaker in your bar area.

Bar tip: Be considerate of all your guests’ needs by including non-alcoholic beverage options and water by the bar.

Author: Jennifer Koper & Emily Evans

Monic Richard


Armchair, lamp, Celadon; vase, flowers, Fauchois Fleurs; tray, Arthur Quentin; glasses, Comme la vie, avec un accent.


House & Home November 2012 issue


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