Easy Eats: Morningstar Breakfast Smoothie

Nutritionist and restaurateur Marina Cortese shares her favorite quick and easy recipe.
When you chef-unnamedthink of fast food, ingredients like quinoa and kale don’t usually come to mind. Nutritionist Marina Cortese is looking to change all that with her newly opened Toronto take-out restaurant, Oats & Ivy. The Liberty-village eatery is based on the premise of “health-food meets fast-food,” offering everything from ready-made organic, cold-pressed juices to made-to-order lunch boxes featuring salads, slaws and more. An expert at whipping up fast, healthy meals, what does Marina eat when she’s short on time? “I’m hooked on our Morningstar Smoothie. It’s kind of like a peanut-butter-banana smoothie but better!” she says. “I’m not a huge fan of breakfast, but this really hits the spot – it’s creamy and rich, sweet and filling, protein-rich and energizing.” Get the recipe here!

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Natalia Ksiazek
Oats & Ivy