August 6, 2015

5 Big Ideas for Small Urban Gardens

Anyone who’s received a gift in a teeny-tiny box knows that good things come in small packages, but jewelry isn’t the only thing that makes a case for the petite. With condo and city living on the rise, small outdoor spaces are finally getting the attention they deserve. Less square-footage doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style — you just have to be more thoughtful with your decorating.

A small city backyard or condo balcony presents ample opportunity to plant a gorgeous garden — it just requires a bit of creative thinking. The trick? Utilize vertical space, invest in lots of terracotta pots and think outside the box. We’ve got five fabulous ideas to help you transform your small urban garden into a pint-sized and pretty oasis in the city. Bring your dreams of owning a fragrant herb garden or lush outdoor lounge to life with these miniature but mighty ideas.

Author: Adena Leigh