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December 16, 2015

8 Whimsical Ways to Trim Your Christmas Tree

COVERIf you’re anything like Californian shop owner-turned-author Carrie Brown, picking out the ornaments is the best part of trimming your Christmas tree. In her book, The New Christmas Tree (Artisan, $44), Carrie invites readers to switch-up their same old decorations in favor of fun new trimmings, like pin cushions or even pickles. “Make something out of next to nothing with humor and whimsy that will delight your friends and family. Think of the Christmas tree form as a springboard to reinvention,” says Carrie. Follow along with Carrie’s step-by-step instructions for picking the perfect tree, choosing a base and recreating each quirky look.

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Author: Emily Evans

Photographs by Paige Green; copyright © 2015


Excerpted from The New Christmas Tree by Carrie Brown (Artisan Books); copyright © 2015