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August 30, 2017

Clever Ways To Boost Your Home Comfort & Save

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Thinking of renovating your kitchen, basement, living room or bathroom? Don’t just focus on stunning fixtures, furniture and paint — consider how you can increase the warmth and energy efficiency of your home because that can also save you money. Browse this gallery for design and reno inspiration, and then start planning. Plus, tour a charming home that exudes warmth and comfort, and learn five ways to keep your home cozy.

But first, visit to apply for The Home Energy Conservation Program, available for homeowners in Ontario with homes heated by gas, propane, oil or wood. You can qualify for $1,600 back when you complete two or more eligible energy efficient upgrades and achieve a minimum of 15 per cent fuel savings. The program is offered in partnership with the Government of Ontario.

No matter how you heat your home, these home comfort tips from insulation experts will amp up the cosiness of your space while lowering your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint!