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October 25, 2017

20 Reasons Design-Savvy Travelers Should Put This U.K. Hotel On Their List

Editorial director Alice Lawlor shares a look inside the recently renovated Cliveden House Hotel.
As a Brit living in Canada, I’m always on the hunt for English decorating inspiration when I’m back in my homeland. Cliveden House Hotel — a historic property that just got a multimillion-dollar makeover for its 350th birthday — more than fit the bill. Set in 376 acres of National Trust land, the country retreat is only 40 minutes from London. Originally built in 1666, the house has hosted countless celebrities, royals and politicians, from Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, Churchill and Roosevelt to Charlie Chaplin, George Bernard Shaw and The Beatles.

It’s a place that has managed to capture the zeitgeist of each subsequent era, through both its spirit and style. Preserving that legacy was the job of British interior designers Mario Nicolaou and Sylvie Le Maitre, who spent three years working on this most recent reno. They trawled fabric and design archives in Paris to find authentic patterns and colors, but it wasn’t just about looking back — Mario was determined to give Cliveden House “a new atmosphere — a little bit of fabulousness.” Click through to see my favorite features.

Author: Alice Lawlor

Courtesy of Cliveden House