April 12, 2016

Editor’s Picks: Foolproof Flowers To Plant This Spring

Stacey-Smithers-FeaturedImgEvery year around mid-April I start yearning to get my hands in the dirt and get to work on my flowerbeds. But this year, I’m also feeling a bit wistful. My husband, son and I moved out of our first house this past December, and I’ve been thinking a lot about my old garden: the tricolor beech we planted the first Father’s Day after our son was born, the crooked honey locust we planted during our first spring, the White Parrot tulip bulbs my mom gave me for my birthday, the row of lavender running up one side of the yard (a treat to myself). Each spring, I loved watching these things come back to life. But I’m also looking forward to new horizons in our new house… and there’s lots of room here to grow. Here are some of my favorite flowers and plants that never fail to lift my spirits, are easy to care for, and are sure to make any new place feel a little more like home.

Author: Stacey Smithers