Decorating & Design

April 28, 2016

Editor’s Picks: The Best White Outdoor Furniture

Senior editor Morgan Michener shares her top picks for patio furniture. 
Morgan-Michener-FeaturedImg“Don’t wear white after Labor Day” — that old fashion rule is long gone! As are the rules that dictate how we “should” design our outdoor spaces. These days, we’re unafraid to set out gorgeous pieces we truly love, since there are lots of easy-to-care-for furnishings on the market (which just need a quick wipe-down every so often) and outdoor fabrics that offer soft seating and weather resistance. And while there’s no end to the colors and patterns in stores now, lately I’ve been drawn to all things fresh and white. After all, white is that super-chic non-color that goes with everything. This spring, try it on for size in your own backyard.

Author: Morgan Michener