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November 15, 2016

How To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays

Design editor Kai Ethier shares small space holiday decor ideas. 
Kai-Ethier-FeaturedImgI absolutely love decorating for the holidays — and that probably stems from my childhood. Each year, we’d buy and trim our tree on my birthday, which falls in mid-December. My mother would also let me go to town decorating our relatively small apartment for the season. So I’m always surprised when I hear people say that their home is “too small” for a Christmas tree — or to do any decorating at all!

When it comes to compact spaces, 10-year-old me would suggest simply placing a sprig of holly tied with oversized, red-velvet ribbon every 12 to 16 inches around your entire apartment or house. And while that is very festive, here are a few creative — and slightly less aggressive — ideas I’ve come across online for lending your smaller home some holiday cheer.

Author: Kai Ethier