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February 7, 2020

12 Ways To Give Your Kitchen Plenty Of Personality

Design pros know that a kitchen is much more than a place for meal prep: it’s the heart of the home. In Barbara Sallick’s new book, The Perfect Kitchen, we see how top designers — like Steven Gambrel, Gil Schafer and Suzanne Kasler — give their kitchen designs a unique character. Barbara, the co-founder of the fixtures company, Waterworks, explores the process of designing a kitchen in detail, from surfaces and finishes to storage, cabinetry and hardware. “The kitchen, conversely, is a multifunctional social arena used from very early in the morning until well after sundown,” writes Barbara. “I discovered that for the bath, our customers preferred all-white elements that hewed to tradition; in the kitchen, they fearlessly mixed colors, finishes and styles.” Get inspired by these character-rich examples of soulful, unique kitchens.

Author: Wendy Jacob

The Perfect Kitchen by Barbara Sallick, written with Marc Crystal (Rizzoli, 2020)