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July 31, 2015

Lynda Reeves: Meet My Bearded Collie, Dundee

Bearded Collies or “Beardies” hail from the highlands of Scotland where they were working dogs used for herding. Dundee is from what my breeder calls “old bloodlines.” I have had his grandfather, his grandmother, his uncle, and now him, all from the same bloodline.

I remember when Dundee arrived at our house. He was a beautiful, strong, and confident puppy. My breeder explained that as the only boy in a litter of two, Dundee had a continual “milk bar.” That might help explain why he is so incredibly smart and outgoing.I know that he loves me, but from the minute he saw Michel, he was smitten. His master is definitely his favorite person.

Beardies are high maintenance. Besides his weekly groom, Dundee needs loads of exercise and space to run. But they are the most loving dogs that just want to please you. And they are funny — filled with quirks and phobias, which has earned them the nickname, among dog trainers, of “Weirdy Beardie.” Here are some of my favorite pics of Dundee’s adventures.

Author: Lynda Reeves