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May 27, 2021

Shops We Love: Beaux Florals Creates Inspiring Bespoke Bouquets

Brock Stacey, owner of Beaux Florals, started his business with one very special client: his mother. “She was hosting a fundraiser and I did the floral arrangements,” he says. “The response was amazing and an incentive to keep going.” A few short months later, the pandemic hit. Having spent over a decade as a hair salon owner and eager for a change, Brock took this as an opportunity to lean into his newfound passion and launch the retail shop/studio in his hometown of Burlington, Ontario. Beaux Florals — located at 3171 Walkers Line — has since blossomed into a unique destination for bespoke floral arrangements with an emphasis on community and connection. “It’s the perfect way to tell someone ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’,” says Brock. Adding that, “It’s also a really beautiful gesture we can give ourselves, to bring flowers into our homes and care for them as they bloom.”

As you enter the shop, shelves and tabletops are lined with vessels, books and dried accents like pampas grass for creative inspiration. But the main attraction is the beautiful bespoke arrangements. Customers choose a size and vessel, leaving the rest for Brock to curate himself. “I’ve been able to really use this as a mode of expression and push the boundaries on the arrangements I provide,” he says. The distinctly asymmetrical arrangements have become a local favorite, shared on social media feeds and even featured on television programs such as The Marilyn Denis Show and CTV’s The Social.

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