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July 30, 2015

Top 10 Designer Dog Houses

Most dog owners have a weak spot when it comes to their cute canines, pampering them with organic kibble and expensive sweaters — after all, who can say no to puppy eyes? Whether it means splurging on doggy massages, pet spa days or designer dog houses, if you’re anything like us at House & Home, you’ll do just about anything for your pet. While many of these luxuries verge on silly, a puppy palace with beautiful “barkitecture” is one doggy indulgence we can really get behind.

From a mini $25K mansion to a pint-sized puppy caravan, your pooch won’t mind setting up camp in a dog house if they’re as nice as one of these designer digs. Better still, you won’t mind having them in your home or garden if they look this good. Here are 10 dog houses that are so stunning you might just wish you could live in them, too.

Author: Adena Leigh
Tags: Dogs Pet Style